How to Become a Librarian in Tennessee 2024

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Top Schools and Colleges for Librarians in Tennessee 2023

Best College Majors for Librarians in Tennessee 2023

Librarian Salary in Tennessee for 2023

Average Annual Salary: $56,910 Hourly Rate: $27.36

Data sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor via the ONET Web API. Updated at December 8, 2023

Reasons for Becoming a Librarian in Tennessee

If you have a passion for books, knowledge, and helping others, a career as a librarian in Tennessee might be the perfect fit for you. Not only will you have the opportunity to work with a wide range of people and help them navigate the world of information, but you will also contribute to the cultural and educational development of your community. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a librarian in Tennessee:

Educational Opportunities

- Tennessee offers a variety of educational programs that can help you kick-start your career as a librarian.

- Many colleges and universities in the state offer accredited library science programs that provide the necessary knowledge and skills for this profession.

- These programs typically cover subjects such as cataloging, reference services, collection development, library management, and information literacy.

Job Growth

- The demand for librarians in Tennessee is expected to grow in the coming years, creating job opportunities for aspiring professionals.

- With advancements in technology, libraries are evolving into community hubs that offer a wide range of services beyond traditional book lending.

- Librarians are now involved in various activities such as digital archiving, information technology support, research assistance, and community outreach.

Community Impact

- Librarians play a crucial role in fostering literacy and promoting lifelong learning within their communities.

- By providing access to books, resources, and technology, librarians empower individuals with knowledge and help bridge the digital divide.

- As a librarian in Tennessee, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by connecting them with information, organizing educational programs, and supporting local initiatives.

Certifications and Professional Development

- In addition to formal education, there are several certifications and professional development opportunities available for librarians in Tennessee.

- The Tennessee State Library and Archives, in collaboration with the Tennessee Library Association, offers various certification programs for librarians to enhance their skills and knowledge.

- These certifications cover areas such as public library management, youth services, reference services, and technology integration.

Networking and Collaboration

- As a librarian in Tennessee, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in the field and expand your network.

- The Tennessee Library Association hosts regular conferences, workshops, and networking events where librarians can connect with colleagues, share best practices, and stay updated on industry trends.

- Through these professional connections, you can gain valuable insights, access resources, and build a support system throughout your career.

Salary and Benefits

- Librarians in Tennessee enjoy competitive salaries and benefits packages.

- According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for librarians in Tennessee is around $56,000.

- Additionally, librarians often receive benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and opportunities for professional development.

In conclusion, becoming a librarian in Tennessee can offer you a rewarding career that combines your love for books with the opportunity to make a positive impact on your community. With a variety of educational programs, job growth prospects, certifications, networking opportunities, and competitive salaries, Tennessee provides an ideal environment for pursuing a career in librarianship.

Librarian Career in Tennessee: Schools, Programs, and Certifications

Educational Requirements for Librarians in Tennessee

To become a librarian in Tennessee, you need to meet certain educational requirements. These requirements typically include:

  • Obtaining a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • Completing a Master's degree in Library Science (MLS) from an ALA-accredited program

ALA-Accredited Library Science Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee is home to several reputable institutions that offer ALA-accredited Library Science programs. These programs provide the necessary education and training to prepare individuals for a successful career as a librarian. Some of the prominent schools with ALA-accredited programs in Tennessee include:

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville - School of Information Sciences
  • East Tennessee State University - Department of Computing
  • Tennessee State University - College of Liberal Arts

Certification Options for Librarians in Tennessee

While not mandatory, obtaining professional certifications can enhance your job prospects and demonstrate your expertise as a librarian in Tennessee. The following certifications are recognized and respected within the industry:

  • American Library Association (ALA) Certifications: ALA offers various certifications such as the Certified Public Librarian (CPL), Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC), and Library Information Technology Association (LITA) certifications.
  • Tennessee State Library and Archives Certifications: The Tennessee State Library and Archives offers certification programs for librarians, including the Public Librarian Certification and the School Library Media Specialist Certification.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education is crucial for librarians to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the field. In Tennessee, librarians can take advantage of various continuing education opportunities, including:

  • Tennessee Library Association (TLA): TLA offers workshops, conferences, and webinars that provide librarians with the chance to expand their knowledge and network with other professionals.
  • Tennessee State Library and Archives Training: The Tennessee State Library and Archives regularly organize training sessions and workshops on a wide range of topics relevant to librarianship.

Job Prospects for Librarians in Tennessee

The demand for librarians in Tennessee is expected to remain steady in the coming years. While the job market may be competitive, individuals with the right education, certifications, and experience will have better opportunities. Librarians can find employment in various settings, including:

  • Public libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • School libraries
  • Special libraries


Becoming a librarian in Tennessee requires a commitment to education and professional development. By obtaining the necessary degrees, certifications, and continuing education, aspiring librarians can build a successful career in this rewarding field. With numerous ALA-accredited programs and certification options available, Tennessee offers a conducive environment for individuals passionate about librarianship.

List of Online Resources For Becoming a Librarian in Tennessee

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a librarian in Tennessee, there are several online resources that can provide valuable information and guidance. Whether you're looking for schools, programs, or certifications, these resources will help you take the necessary steps towards achieving your goal. Here are some online resources to explore:

  • Tennessee State Library and Archives - The Tennessee State Library and Archives website is a great starting point for anyone interested in becoming a librarian in Tennessee. It provides information on library services, resources, and professional development opportunities.

  • Tennessee Library Association - The Tennessee Library Association (TLA) is a professional organization that supports librarians across the state. Their website offers resources for librarians, including job postings, continuing education opportunities, and networking events.

  • American Library Association - The American Library Association (ALA) is a national organization that provides resources and support for librarians. Their website offers information on library education programs, scholarships, and professional development opportunities.

  • - is a popular online resource for library and information science professionals. It features job listings from across the country, including Tennessee, and provides tips and advice for job seekers in the field.

  • - is a comprehensive online resource for individuals interested in pursuing a degree in library science. It provides information on accredited programs, scholarships, and career paths within the field.

  • - is a useful resource for finding graduate programs in library science. You can search for programs in Tennessee and compare different schools and their offerings.

  • Tennessee Department of Education - Libraries - The Tennessee Department of Education's website provides information on library services and resources for both students and librarians. It also offers resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in school librarianship.

  • Tennessee Department of Education - Tennessee Digital Library Services - The Tennessee Department of Education's Tennessee Digital Library Services website offers resources and support for librarians working in schools. It provides information on digital resources, professional development opportunities, and best practices in school librarianship.

Remember, becoming a librarian in Tennessee requires a combination of education and experience. These online resources will help you navigate the path towards your career goals and provide valuable information along the way.