How to Become a Librarian in Kansas 2024

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Top Schools and Colleges for Librarians in Kansas 2023

Best College Majors for Librarians in Kansas 2023

Librarian Salary in Kansas for 2023

Average Annual Salary: $58,440 Hourly Rate: $28.1

Data sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor via the ONET Web API. Updated at December 8, 2023

Librarian Career in Kansas: Reasons for Becoming a Librarian

Kansas offers a vibrant and fulfilling career path for individuals aspiring to become librarians. With its rich cultural heritage and commitment to education, the state provides numerous opportunities for those interested in serving as information professionals. Here are some compelling reasons to consider a librarian career in Kansas:

  • Passion for Learning: If you have a genuine love for books, knowledge, and helping others access information, a librarian career in Kansas can be incredibly rewarding. As a librarian, you will have the opportunity to facilitate learning and promote literacy among diverse populations.

  • Job Security: The demand for qualified librarians in Kansas remains steady, with various opportunities available in public libraries, academic institutions, government agencies, and special libraries. With proper education and training, librarians can enjoy job security and stability in their chosen field.

  • Advancement Opportunities: Kansas offers a range of career advancement opportunities for librarians. As you gain experience and expertise, you can progress to positions such as library director, department head, or specialized librarian in areas like archives, digital resources, or youth services.

  • Engaging Work Environment: Libraries in Kansas provide a dynamic work environment where you can engage with patrons of all ages and backgrounds. From assisting students with research projects to organizing community events and book clubs, librarians play a vital role in fostering intellectual growth and community development.

  • Collaborative Networking: Kansas has a strong network of libraries and professional organizations that encourage collaboration among librarians. Through participation in conferences, workshops, and associations like the Kansas Library Association, you can enhance your professional skills and expand your network within the field.

  • Fulfilling Public Service: As a librarian in Kansas, you will contribute to the betterment of society by providing equal access to information and resources. Librarians play a crucial role in promoting democracy, intellectual freedom, and lifelong learning.

Librarian Education and Certification Programs in Kansas

To pursue a librarian career in Kansas, it is essential to obtain the necessary education and certifications. Here are some notable schools and programs in Kansas that offer relevant degrees:

  • University of Kansas: The University of Kansas (KU) School of Information Science & Learning Technologies offers a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree program. This ALA-accredited program prepares students for various roles in the library and information profession.

  • Emporia State University: Emporia State University's School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) also offers an ALA-accredited MLS program. With a focus on practical skills and professional development, this program equips students with the knowledge needed to succeed as librarians.

  • Washburn University: Washburn University's Mabee Library Science Program offers a Master of Library Science degree. This program provides students with a solid foundation in library science principles and prepares them for careers in diverse library settings.

  • Pittsburg State University: Pittsburg State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with an emphasis in Library Media Education. This program is designed for individuals seeking certification as school librarians in Kansas.

  • Kansas State University: Kansas State University's College of Education offers a Master of Science in Academic Advising with a specialization in School Librarian. This program is ideal for individuals interested in working as school librarians or media specialists.

Certifications for Librarians in Kansas

In addition to earning a relevant degree, librarians in Kansas may also pursue certifications to enhance their professional qualifications. Here are some notable certifications:

  • Kansas Library Certification: The Kansas State Department of Education offers a Library Media Specialist certification for individuals seeking to work in school libraries. This certification requires completion of specific coursework and passing the required examinations.

  • American Library Association (ALA) Certifications: The ALA offers several certifications, including the Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) and the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC). These certifications demonstrate expertise in specific areas of library services and management.

By pursuing a librarian career in Kansas, you can make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities while enjoying a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating profession.

Librarian Schools and Programs in Kansas

Kansas offers several schools and programs that can help individuals pursue a career as a librarian. These institutions provide the necessary education and training to develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in this field. Here are some important details about librarian schools and programs in Kansas:

1. University of Kansas (KU)

- KU's School of Information Science & Learning Technologies offers a Master of Library Science (MLS) program.

- The MLS program at KU is accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).

- Students can choose from various specializations, such as archives and records management, digital content management, or leadership and administration.

- The program provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience through internships and fieldwork opportunities.

2. Emporia State University (ESU)

- ESU's School of Library and Information Management offers a Master of Library Science (MLS) program.

- The MLS program at ESU is also accredited by the American Library Association (ALA).

- Students can opt for on-campus or online learning, providing flexibility for those who may have other commitments.

- The program focuses on developing skills in areas like collection development, reference services, cataloging, and information technology.

Librarian Certifications in Kansas

While not mandatory, obtaining professional certifications can enhance your career prospects as a librarian in Kansas. Here are some certifications you may consider:

1. Kansas State Library Certification

- The Kansas State Library offers a voluntary certification program for librarians working in public libraries across the state.

- This certification demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and development.

- To be eligible for certification, you must meet certain educational requirements and accumulate continuing education credits.

2. American Library Association (ALA) Certifications

- The American Library Association offers various certifications that can help librarians enhance their skills and knowledge.

- Some popular ALA certifications include the Certified Public Library Administrator (CPLA) and Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC).

- These certifications cover different areas of librarianship, such as management, technology, and customer service.

Remember, certifications are not mandatory to work as a librarian in Kansas. However, they can demonstrate your commitment to professional growth and development, making you a more competitive candidate in the job market.


Becoming a librarian in Kansas requires obtaining the necessary education and training. The University of Kansas and Emporia State University offer accredited Master of Library Science programs that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in this field. Additionally, pursuing certifications from organizations like the Kansas State Library and the American Library Association can further enhance your professional profile.

List of Online Resources For Becoming a Librarian in Kansas

Here are some online resources that can help you in your journey to become a librarian in Kansas. These resources provide information about schools, programs, and certifications available in the state.

- Emporia State University - School of Library and Information Management (SLIM): SLIM offers a Master of Library Science (MLS) program that prepares students for careers in librarianship. The program is available both on-campus and online, allowing students the flexibility to choose the learning format that suits their needs.

- Wichita State University - Master of Library Science Program: Wichita State University offers an MLS program that focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of librarianship. The program is delivered online, making it accessible to students across the state.

- University of Kansas Medical Center - Online Master of Science in Library Science: The University of Kansas Medical Center offers an online MS in Library Science program that prepares students for leadership roles in libraries and information centers. The program emphasizes the use of technology and information management skills.

- Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program: The LSSC program is a national certification program that recognizes the skills and knowledge of library support staff. This program can be beneficial for individuals who want to start their career in libraries or enhance their existing skills.

- American Library Association (ALA) - Library Support Staff Resources: The ALA provides various resources for library support staff, including information about training programs, job opportunities, and professional development resources.

- Kansas Library Association (KLA): The KLA is a professional organization that supports librarians and library staff in Kansas. They provide networking opportunities, professional development resources, and advocacy for the library profession.

These resources can help you explore educational programs, certifications, and professional organizations that are relevant to becoming a librarian in Kansas. Take advantage of these resources to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in librarianship.